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  • Gupta, S., Meershoek, A. & Witte, L. de (2021). A Narrative Review of the Government Wheelchair Provision System in India.Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 202118(10), 5109;
  • Gupta, S. (2021). Invisible lives: Tales of people with severe disabilities living in rural India. Global Academic Press.
  • Gupta, S., Witte, L, de. and Meershoek, A. (2020). Dimensions of Invisibility: insights into the daily realities of persons with disabilities living in rural communities in India. Disability and Society,
  • Gupta, S., Witte, L. P. de., & Meershoek, A. (2019). Barriers to using mobility devices in rural homes in low resource settings: development of a practical assessment tool for local fieldworkers. Edited by Layton, N. & Borg, J. Global Perspectives on Assistive Technology – Proceedings of the GReAT consultation 2019. WHO Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland. 23-24 August 2019, (Pg. 270-284)
  • CRPD Alternate Report for India - AccessAbility co-led the ‘National CRPD Coalition-India, towards Parallel report’ in the drafting of the  Alternate report that was submitted to the committee on the rights of persons with disabilities by the coalition. (Download)
  • ‘Assistive technology provision: towards an international framework for assuring availability and accessibility of affordable high-quality assistive technology’– Co-authored peer-reviewed article published in ‘Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology’ DOI: 10.1080/17483107.2018.1470264 (2018)
  • ‘Public procurement and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Rights in Practice’– Authored the manual for the International Disability Alliance (2015) (Download)
  • Authored ‘No Looking Back’ a non-fictional true story based on my life experiences published by Rupa Publications India (2014)
  • Authored an ‘Accessibility guide to the Human Rights Council for persons with disabilities’ help at Palace the Nations in Geneva. The guide was written for the UN OHCHR Geneva, Switzerland. (2013) (Download)
  • ‘INDIA - Monitoring Report of Civil Society, Zero Draft, 2013’– Co-authored the report support by NCPEDP & IDA (2013) (Download)
  • A Guide to Universal Design in Built Environments– Authored this manual for the projects division of the ITC Welcomgroup with design details of various areas in the Hotel. This manual has been developed to ensure accessibility of all upcoming hotel properties. (2009) (Download)
  • Planning a Barrier-Free Environment- Authored the Manual for the Office of Chief Commissioner for Disabilities. The manual is recognized by the government of India as a training tool for architects and NGO workers and also the CPWD. The book has also been referenced by the Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI) for its publication: ‘Manual for Guidelines for providing facilities for physically challenged persons in Hotels and Restaurants’ (2001) (Download)
  • Guidebook on Creating Sporting and Recreational Facilities for People with Disabilities– Authored the guidebook for the Office of Chief Commissioner for Disabilities (Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment). This guidebook provides a ready reference for designing areas for various outdoor activities that are being practised in India and all over the world for recreation and sports for persons with disabilities. (2008) (Download)
  • ‘Employing Persons with Disabilities’– A manual authored for the ITC Hotel Limited. One of the first such guidance document for employing persons with disabilities  in India (2008)
  • Co-auditing for a book titled “Access in London” (2003 Edition) written by Mr Gordon Couch, published by Quiller Press, London, UK. (2002) (View)