Shivani Gupta Shares Her Courageous Tale on 1st Aug @ 9 Stree Shakti


What Happens when your Life is turned upside down in the blink of an eye ?

In 1992, twenty – two year old Shivani Gupta, poised to go abroad for her further studies, threw a farewell party. Once the party was over, she headed off in a car. There was an accident, and Shivani ended up in a wheel chair, paralysed in all four limbs. Her family found it difficult to come to terms with her disability and Shivani’s dream ended even before they could begin.
After years of pain and struggle, Shivani decided to regain control of her life and her body, to demand and receive respect from the world, to gain acceptance from within and without, to find happiness and contentment. Against all odds, she slowly rebuilt her life. She even found love- many eye brows were raised when her abled bodied colleague, Vikas, married her, but despite all the skepticism, they built a happy life together.
Then tragedy struck once again, in the form of another car accident while going for a family holiday to Manali. Newly married Shivani watched her beloved husband succumb to his injuries. Anybody else would have given up, but Shivani refused to surrender. Undeterred Shivani chose to champion the cause of the disabled everywhere and is today one of India’s best known accessibility consultants. A deeply moving and inspiring narrative about the power of hope, No Looking Back tells Shivani Gupta’s story in her own words. It also reveals the challenges of disability in a country that takes little account of the daily difficulties and indignities faced by the differently abled.