A Hardcore fighter ‘Shivani Gupta’

Shivani Gupta is a well known name. But this is not just a name. This is epitome of Determination, Courage and Strong will power. Life has tested her in many ways but each time she came out victorious. She is a Quadriplegic but sitting on her wheelchair she runs a firm called AcessAbility. This firm provides consultancy solutions to Government, Private sectors, NGOs to make their places more friendly for differently able and elderly people. Advocates the rights of disabled and provides them opportunities. She did diploma in architecture from Rai University. She completed her post graduation from Reading University UK.

At 22 life was smiling on her. After her Hotel Management Diploma she was working in Delhi’s five star hotel as public relation officer. She decided to leave her job and go to US for higher studies. Her friends celebrated this occasion by giving a party. After the party when they went out with intention to drop some friends and breathe some fresh air her car met with an accident. She found herself lying on hospital bed unable to move. All her dreams were shattered. Some harsh realities of life were also revealed to her. But fighter inside her was not ready to give up. In this darkness she found a ray of hope. She start to paint pictures and cards with poster colors gifted to her by one of her friend. Some of them fetched her a little money. She decided to face the challenges and got self dependence.

She started to work as a counsellor at New Indian spinal injuries centre. There she got a chance to visit UK for a training course. In UK she found that people with disabilities were living their lives in full as they had easy access to move anywhere. She returned India with decision to do something in this regard. She started to work in the center. There she met an attractive intelligent man Vikas. They got together and decided to get married.

To fulfill her dream she did diploma in architecture and PG from UK. With her husband Vikas and one of his friend she started AccessAbility. Things were going smoothly when another setback happened. In another road accident she lost Vikas. It was again a great loss. But with her determination she bounced back. Now she dedicated herself to her cause.

She has received many awards for her courage and great work The NCEPRD – Shell Helen Keller Award, CavinKare Ability Mastery Award, NeerjaBhanot Award above all National Award instituted by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment presented to her by Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Her story teaches that no matter what happens you should not give up. In all circumstances life should move on.

Hats off to her courage.